Latest News Carer of the Year nominee – Lynn Parkin

Carer of the Year nominee – Lynn Parkin

26 September 2023

Carer of the Year nominee – Lynn Parkin

Senior healthcare support worker Lynn Parkin is one of the longest serving members of staff at the Dougie Mac Hospice.

Known affectionately as Lippy Lynn because she’s never seen without her lipstick on, Lynn is also known for her ever-present smile.

The 63-year-old has been nominated as a Carer of the Year in the Your Heroes Awards not just for her 35 years of service but for her dedication to supporting patients and their families both in the hospice and in the community.

Sonya Turner, Head of Clinical Services at the Dougie Mac, said: “Lynn spent the first 25 years of her career on the inpatient ward before moving to the day therapy unit. Now she works within the community team and has pushed her own boundaries by having her own caseload supporting patients and families in their homes.

“She has been key to reintroducing Look Good Feel Better sessions for patients post-covid.

“An absolute star, Lynn has been very involved in celebrations for patients including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and helping to make very special memories for families.

“Her positive attitude and energy is great to be around and she throws herself into all aspects of the hospice including fundraising, marketing (her mum has been used in videos in the past) and provides a phlebotomy service to staff.

“Anything Lynn does is always with a smile on her face and she very deserving of the nomination of Carer of the Year.”

Lynn said: “The Dougie Mac is like a family. Working here is so rewarding. I love the patients – it’s really a lovely job.

“It feels amazing to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award. It’s nice to be recognised but I don’t feel I’m doing anything out of the ordinary.”