Latest News Carer of the Year nominee – Sarah Oldcorn

Carer of the Year nominee – Sarah Oldcorn

20 September 2023

Carer of the Year nominee – Sarah Oldcorn

Going out of her way to help others comes so naturally to Sarah Oldcorn that when she’s singled out for praise she says she doesn’t feel like she deserves it.

The 44-year-old is a trainee nurse associate in the Young People’s Unit at the Dougie Mac Hospice where she regularly works extra hours and organises treats to brighten young people’s lives.

Sarah, from Tunstall, has been nominated as a Carer of the Year in the Your Heroes Awards by Linda McNee, Head of Young Adult Services.

Linda said: “Sarah brings an energy to the Young Adult Service. Our young adults adore her. Nothing is too much trouble for Sarah.

“She will go out of her way to make things happen, whether this be putting together an impromptu indoor street party, arranging a night at the comedy club or singing karaoke.

“This week she supported a young adult in transition with her first day at college. There were a number of hiccups to overcome including a broken wheelchair and supporting the young person whilst the college made last minute adjustments to ensure that their provision was in place to cover the needs of the young person.

“The young person had expressed that she was very nervous about the day and particularly because she hadn’t met the person who would be supporting her one-to-one at college. Sarah volunteered to support and stay with the young person throughout the whole process, working extra hours to ensure that everything was done properly and efficiently and most importantly that the young person enjoyed the most positive experience possible.

“Only the young person herself can testify as to the value and difference that this level of care and dedication will have made, but it is likely to have been enormous.”

Sarah, who has worked with the Young People’s Unit for six years, said she doesn’t feel she deserves to be nominated for an award because her colleagues are every bit as committed to their roles as she is.

She said: “When you work somewhere like the Dougie Mac you can make a difference and you do make a difference. It’s a privilege to do this job. It’s an honour.”