Latest News Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Sarah Lyn Turner

Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Sarah Lyn Turner

17 August 2023

Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Sarah Lyn Turner

Sarah Lyn Turner joined 85th Milton Scout Group at the age of six and 26 years later she’s still there – but now as a leader.

A graphic designer for Caudwell Children during the day, Sarah Lyn spends much of her free time preparing activities for her scout group or leading the youngsters on adventures including a recent trip to Holland.

Sarah Lyn, from Weston Coyney, has been nominated as a Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year in the Your Heroes Awards by Megan Ellerton.

Megan said: “Just before the lockdown Sarah took over 85th Milton Scout Group as an acting group scout leader. During the lockdown Sarah ran sessions three nights a week over Zoom providing badges, fun and activities for the children of our scout groups.

“She took on new responsibilities and even new children from the local community to give them a sense of normality. Sarah provided support for all of our scout group including the leaders and parents.

“Sarah has been volunteering for at least 15 years with the scouts and has always been there for every single person that steps foot through our scout hut doors.

“After lockdown, Sarah opened a new section to our scout group called squirrels which offers four to six-year-olds the opportunity to gain badges and have fun.

“Even whilst running 85th Milton Scout Group Sarah provided challenges for all groups to support the local community by making food bank donations, collecting items for a local care home, The Macari shelter, Ukraine and many more.

“Sarah continues to be acting group scout leader and is an inspiration to everyone who is involved with 85th Milton Scout Group.”

Sarah Lyn, aged 32, said she enjoyed being a Scout herself because of the opportunities and activities it offered her but that her motivation for being a leader is seeing the change the group makes in the lives of young people.

She said: “I focus on trying to get to know the kids as individuals and aim to help them to develop through activities. I try to ensure we do activities they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do at home.

“It’s really nice to see the change in children and the confidence that they get from it. “

She added: “It’s lovely to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award but I couldn’t do what I do without all of the other leaders. I do quite a unique programme but I couldn’t do half of that without them so this nomination is for them as well.”