Latest News Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Wendy Jones

Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Wendy Jones

10 July 2023

Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year nominee – Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones has been nominated as a Charity Champion or Volunteer of the Year in the Your Heroes Awards.

Wendy has been volunteering with grassroots football in Stoke-on-Trent for decades.

She began as a parent on the sidelines more than 25 years, ago supporting her own son. As he grew up and is now aged 34 she continued to support other families and their children in the beautiful game of football.

Keen to stay behind the scenes, she has always shied away from any limelight but her passion to make football affordable for every child has had her working tirelessly in the background for years.

She set up FC Hanley at Abbey Lane in Bucknall, a non-profitmaking training facility that welcomes and encourages every child as they enter the game. It gives every child access to professional coaching, kit and accessories regardless of their family circumstances and all too often gives personal, financial and emotional support to some less fortunate families.

The amount of personal time and dedication she has given to securing grants and funding to build the coaching school and deliver affordable fun-filled football for children is unmeasurable and her drive and passion is nothing less than remarkable.

Due to this FC Hanley has now grown to have many football pitches, facilities and parking with many grassroots teams of all ages playing out of the venue. Her passion to keep football affordable and non-profit for these teams has seen her tirelessly battle against inflated fees and costs.

Her vision is now reality – football is affordable at FC Hanley for every child!

Unfortunately over the past couple of weeks Wendy has become terminally ill and those close to her want to see her acknowledged for her amazing work and dedication so…please, please, please help us to acknowledge her  and the amazing things she’s achieved.

A new annual football tournament, The Wendy Jones Welcome to Football Tournament, will be held at FC Hanley on Sunday, September 3, 2023. Every brand new under-7s team registered with the North Staffs Junior Youth League will take part in a tournament for a trophy.