Latest News Child of Courage nominee – Jake Cassidy

Child of Courage nominee – Jake Cassidy

11 July 2024

Child of Courage nominee – Jake Cassidy

Teenager Jake Cassidy inspires others by overcoming obstacles and raising hundreds of pounds for charity, all while managing his own condition.

The 13-year-old has suffered from a chronic bowel condition since birth. At the age of five he was further diagnosed with coeliac disease. He was eventually fitted with an antegrade continence enema (ACE) stoma, but when complications arose he was told he would have to have his bowel removed.

Just five months after having his bowel removed he climbed Mount Snowdon to raise money for ERIC, a charity dedicated to improving children’s bowel and bladder health.

He also raised £700 for dolls fitted with stomas for those suffering from similar conditions, helping them feel less alone.

Jake’s mother, Danielle, said: “It’s really good of him. I’ve seen how this doll has helped Jake, and even if it puts a smile on a child’s face, that’s enough. It’s scary for children and they think it’s only them.”

Jake loves football and is a goalkeeper for his local team. Despite regular hospital visits he has never missed a game and was named Manager’s Player of the Year. He also loves cycling with his friends.

Sarah Jones has nominated Jake as a Child of Courage in the Your Heroes Awards.

She said: “Jake is an amazing young lad. He’s had, and still has, so many health problems and now has a stoma bag, but he never gives up.

“He’s the goalkeeper in my son’s football team and turns up for training and matches even when he’s feeling weak. On many occasions he has come straight from the hospital, discharging himself because he doesn’t want to let his team down.

“He always has a smile on his face and doesn’t show that he’s suffering. His mum and Jake have set up a page, Jake’s Stoma Journey, to highlight the highs and lows of Jake’s illnesses and how they can affect his day-to-day life.

“He is so inspirational to the other kids but also to the adults around him, showing that anything is possible.”

Jake’s mum, Danielle, said: “This is brilliant. It’s really nice for him to be nominated and recognised. He’s had such an impact on people already, so it’s amazing to hear he’s been thought of in this way.”