Latest News Civic Pride Award nominee – Marie Plant

Civic Pride Award nominee – Marie Plant

19 July 2023

Civic Pride Award nominee – Marie Plant

Fostering Recruitment Officer Marie Plant has been called ‘remarkable’ and ‘an inspiration’ by one of the foster parents she works with.

Marie, who has been in her role with Stoke-on-Trent City Council for 12 years, has been nominated for a Civic Pride Award in the Your Heroes Awards by foster mum Katy Bostock.

Katy said: “Marie is an amazing fostering recruitment and retention officer and an even better person. She is someone who goes above and beyond to support foster carers and their families.

“She does many activities to support and care for many of us. She is always there to lend a helping hand and is always there for anyone and everyone.

“Recently she has got Kids of Carers up and running again and it’s currently the best it has ever been. Marie is truly an inspiration to many and she has taught my girls and many others different ways of coping and provided a safe space to freely talk to other kids their age and to her.

“She organises fun and enjoyable activities that are fun for everyone who attends. Her dedication is truly remarkable.

“She is not the same as any average staff member as she always takes an extra step to make sure everyone feels safe and cared for no matter who it is.”

Marie said that while it’s nice to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award, she does what she does because she loves her job.

She said: “If I had it my way then it’s every foster carer in Stoke-on-Trent that would be nominated for an award. They all deserve it. They’re all amazing.”

She added: “I pride myself on remembering the names of all the foster carers in the city. If you take the trouble to use someone’s name when you see them it shows them they’re special to you and how valued they are.”