Latest News Civic Pride nominee – Jo Gideon MP and Third Sector Connect Charity Roundtable

Civic Pride nominee – Jo Gideon MP and Third Sector Connect Charity Roundtable

14 May 2024

Civic Pride nominee – Jo Gideon MP and Third Sector Connect Charity Roundtable

A bi-monthly roundtable set up by Jo Gideon MP brings together more than 70 social enterprises, charities and community groups in Stoke-on-Trent.

Third Sector Connect Charity Roundtable has been running for around two years and has emerged as a pivotal force in community collaboration in the city.

It is dedicated to fostering collaboration, addressing key sector issues, and advocating for government support.

Now Jo Gideon MP and her Third Sector Connect Charity Roundtable, which held its first meeting in the Catalyst at Staffordshire University, have been nominated in the Civic Pride category of the Your Heroes Awards.

Matthew Bridger, Jo’s senior communications advisor and constituency office manager, said: “The impact of Third Sector Connect, under the guidance of Jo Gideon MP, extends beyond the individual organisations involved.

“It is evident in the strengthened relationships, the innovative solutions born out of collaborative efforts and the increased collective influence in advocating for the needs of the sector.

“Jo Gideon MP’s leadership brings a strategic vision to Third Sector Connect, elevating the organisation to a position where it actively contributes to shaping policies that support the growth and resilience of the third sector.

“The story of Third Sector Connect is a narrative of unity, resilience and a dedication to creating a thriving community sector.”

The roundtable is committed to addressing the support needed by organisations to thrive. It actively seeks ways to offer collective assistance, recognising that the challenges faced by one organisation can often be alleviated through the collaboration and support of others.

Matthew added: “Jo’s involvement in establishing Third Sector Connect brings a unique perspective to the organisation’s mission. As a Member of Parliament, Jo Gideon has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between grassroots efforts and government policies.

“This dual perspective allows Third Sector Connect to not only address immediate needs but also advocate for broader policy changes that can positively impact the entire sector.”