Latest News Community Group of the Year nominee – Alice Charity

Community Group of the Year nominee – Alice Charity

29 May 2024

Community Group of the Year nominee – Alice Charity

“On November 27, 2021 my husband committed suicide and just five weeks later my six-year-old son had a tragic accident at home. He suffered a sudden and unexpected medical episode in the bath and devastatingly lost his life. Without the Alice Charity, I would not be here today. We’ve lost a lot over the past few years, but I also know we’ve gained a family within the Alice Charity” – these are the words of just one person supported by the Alice Charity.

In 2023 The Alice Charity supported 7,688 children, completed 4,470 home visits to support families, made 4,385 wellbeing calls, held 320 parent and toddler groups and provided 21,015 meals through its foodbank.

The charity was created in 2011 to support vulnerable and disadvantaged families across Stoke- on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It believes in providing strong foundations and diverse services to help individuals to thrive. It has an unwavering commitment to wellness, kindness and community advancement.

Alice has a core staff of 12 employees and has been supported by more than 40 volunteers and placement students from Keele University, Staffordshire University and Newcastle College over the past year. The charity is also supported by organisations including Hanley Economic Building Society, AMB Insurance, Panda Press and RSM.

Every family helped includes at least one person under the age of 18 with wide-range support including the likes of food parcels, help with household budgeting, emotional support and even providing furniture and household items for people in difficult circumstances.

Alice Charity has been entered into the Community Group of the Year category of the Your Heroes Awards by CEO Heather Sheldon.

She said: “Alice is a great place. There is lots of love in our team and everyone here wants to make a difference. I am entering the Your Heroes Awards in recognition of the people who work so hard to make that difference.”