Latest News Community Group of the Year nominee – The Music in You

Community Group of the Year nominee – The Music in You

26 June 2024

Community Group of the Year nominee – The Music in You

The Music in You is a collection of choirs that not only supports people who want to sing, it makes members feel part of a community.

The group, headed by Ashley Mellor, includes more than 20 choirs spanning the majority of Staffordshire. There are around 400 choir members ranging from five to 95 years old.

Ashley said: “It’s an inclusive environment, we welcome anyone who’d like to give singing a go. For those that want to develop and to progress in this field, I can put them on the right path to get to where they want to be. For those who want to come for the joy of singing, then we have a place for them.

“We’ve had some great events, some really large in size. However the day-to-day running of these groups of choirs is what keeps me going. The people are amazing and there’s a real community spirit.”

Lucy Forrest has nominated The Music in You in the Community Group of the Year category of the Your Heroes Awards.

She said: “Having music back in my life, even for this relatively short period of time so far, has changed me beyond measure. Despite continuing heavy challenges in life and especially with my health, every day I grow stronger, braver and more resilient.

“I can’t put into words how much of a positive impact there has been in my mental health from being back in the world of music, and every day I am thankful for the opportunities Ashley provides and the support he is willing to offer in every single sense of the word.

“His musical genius knows no boundaries, but it’s so much more than that. Within all our choir families he creates an atmosphere of acceptance, of warmth, of joy, of friendship, of laughter, of hard work, of achievement. He stands by each and every one of us no matter what, and he will always go the extra mile without question when we need him.

“I’ve said to Ashley before that he and his music and his business have changed my life since I met him. It’s actually more than that – he has absolutely saved my life and from the bottom of my heart he will forever have my thanks.”

Ashley said: “I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback. I’m very proud of what our choirs have achieved. To me and the people that I work with it’s more than just music, it’s an extension of our family.

“I’m really chuffed that The Music in You has had some recognition because we are made up of some wonderful people.”