Latest News Future Star nominee – Josie Hall

Future Star nominee – Josie Hall

5 June 2023

Future Star nominee – Josie Hall

When Josie Hall suffered catastrophic internal bleeding her family were warned she had little chance of survival due to the massive blood loss.

They had been told to prepare for the worst as they drove behind an ambulance containing Josie and a full medical team including an intensive care nurse.

“They said that if the ambulance pulled over into a layby we shouldn’t stop too, we should keep on driving to the hospital and wait there,” said mum Jessica Hall, 44, from Stone.

The memory of that day in 2020 is still so vivid and painful for Jessica that she gets emotional recalling it.

But she’s overcome with entirely different emotions when she thinks about her daughter these days. Now a happy, thriving 10-year-old, Josie has become a promising footballer with a flair for goalkeeping.

Josie’s medical emergency had been caused by a defect of the bowel which became ulcerated and led to an arterial bleed. Her life was saved by a bowel resection.

Josie still suffers from ongoing pain, which can be severe at times, due to scarring to her bowel from the surgery, however she does not let this impact her life.

She discovered a love of football during the summer holidays last year and joined the under-10s team at Stone Old Alleynians in September 2022. She takes part in weekly training sessions and Saturday morning matches.

“The skill she displays as a goalkeeper is absolutely unbelievable,” said Jessica. “She gets praise every week for her ability from the opposition teams, coaches and parents, referees and her own team alike.

“She displays outstanding sportsmanship and offers encouragement to both her own team and her opposition.

“She is definitely a future star in the making and never lets her condition stop her from playing the game she loves.

“Josie is a very determined young lady and achieves everything she hopes to achieve. She is an inspiration to us as her parents and to all who know her.”

She added: “We’re very lucky to still have Josie. Thinking about what happens still affects me now. We’re just so proud of her and how she’s overcome her ill health. She still gets some pain but she’s very happy and loves life.”

Jessica has nominated Josie in the Future Star category of the Your Heroes Awards.