Latest News Inspiration in Education nominee – Claire Kerry

Inspiration in Education nominee – Claire Kerry

20 June 2024

Inspiration in Education nominee – Claire Kerry

Claire Kerry’s own experiences after being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia have led her to help others and in particular to educate employers to ensure the right support is offered in the workplace.

The 33-year-old was diagnosed while studying at university and received funded support through the Disabled Students Allowance.

But after Claire graduated the support stopped and she found there was no guidance on support in the workplace which she says left her feeling anxious, burnt out and overwhelmed.

She set about researching her condition and the Equality Act then launched The Neurodiversity Network to empower neurodivergent adults by providing downloadable resources, information and support.

By January 2024 The Neurodiversity Network online community had attracted more than 100 members and had become a fast-growing community for neurodivergent adults.

In March Claire exhibited The Neurodiversity Network at the Dyslexia Show – receiving positive feedback from individuals and businesses alike.

She has now started working directly with employers to educate their senior leaders and managers to support neurodivergent staff.

By providing guidance and training on topics including neuroinclusive recruitment, access to work and reasonable adjustments she has been able to support organisations to improve the productivity and wellbeing of staff.

Claire, from Crewe, is currently studying on the Peter Coates MSc Entrepreneurship course at Staffordshire University and is also working with Staffordshire University to support the careers team, lecturers and external organisations to be neuroinclusive.

She said: “I got the support that a lot of students receive while I was at university but what happens is you graduate and go out into the world of work and that support stops. You’re left to your own devices and don’t know what support you can ask for.”

Claire has been nominated in the Inspiration in Education category of the Your Heroes Awards.