Latest News Inspiration in Education nominee – Georgina Eckersley

Inspiration in Education nominee – Georgina Eckersley

9 August 2023

Inspiration in Education nominee – Georgina Eckersley

Georgina Eckersley wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until she was at university and now she’s passionate about helping others in the same situation.

The mum-of-two, from Stoke-on-Trent, worked in the disability team at Keele University for more than six years and now has a similar role at the University of Liverpool.

Georgina, 37, is also a reservist and was a trustee for the Tri Services and Veterans Support Centre for five years.

She has been nominated as an Inspiration in Education in the Your Heroes Awards by Craig Smith.

Craig said: “Georgina is an outstanding individual who deserves recognition for her inspiring work in the field of education. Despite facing significant challenges due to her dyslexia, Georgina has had a remarkable career in academia and has dedicated herself to helping young adults achieve their full potential.

“As a disability officer, Georgina has worked tirelessly to support students who may feel like they don’t belong in education. Her commitment to her role has enabled countless students to overcome their own challenges and succeed academically.

“In addition to her work in education, Georgina is also a Reservist who uses her teaching skills to equip others with the knowledge they need to save lives on operations. Her dedication to serving her country and her community is truly commendable.

“Georgina’s many accomplishments are even more impressive considering that she is also a mother of two and a charity trustee. Her ability to balance her various roles and excel in each of them is a testament to her resilience and determination.

“Georgina is an inspiration to us all. Her passion for education, her commitment to serving others and her unwavering dedication to her family and community make her a true role model. I wholeheartedly nominate Georgina for this award and I am certain that her contributions will continue to inspire and uplift those around her for years to come.”

Georgina said: “I’m shocked and stunned to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award but I’m also grateful. I’m part of a team in everything that I do and I think it’s having brilliant people around me that enables me to fulfil these roles.”

She added: “My dyslexia was diagnosed quite late and from there I’ve become passionate about helping other people. Not being traditionally academic doesn’t mean you’re not capable.”