Latest News Inspiration in Education nominee – Holden Lane Primary School

Inspiration in Education nominee – Holden Lane Primary School

13 June 2024

Inspiration in Education nominee – Holden Lane Primary School

Holden Lane Primary School in Sneyd Green has been praised for the huge difference its staff make to the lives of pupils.

Mum Claire Jackson serves in the armed forces and has to leave her young family when she is away on courses and exercises. She says the support and care they receive at school takes away the stress of leaving them.

She has nominated the school and its staff in the Inspiration in Education category of the Your Heroes Awards.

She said: “I currently serve in the Armed Forces and therefore sometimes I must leave the family unit for courses and exercises. I feel at ease with the support and care my children receive from the school, which allows me to leave without additional stresses. My children look forward to every day at this school and feel valued and part of something exceptional.

“Primary school is the foundational stages of education that prepare children for life and future employment. Holden Lane Primary School is the full embodiment of these principles, however, not only do they prepare the children for the next stages of education and beyond, but they also accomplish this in a way that surpasses all expectations with an implausible sense of connection amongst the children, parents and employees alike.

“Holden Lane Primary School upholds a Corporate Social Responsibility like no other, enabling the children to prosper and develop in an inclusive, affectionate environment. The staff at Holden Lane, whilst generating this environment remain professional and dedicated to the children throughout. This was echoed from the recent Ofsted inspection.

“The school also holds the ABQM-UK Gold Award, which is the first in the country, due to the staff, student and families demonstrating that anti-bullying has had a significant impact on the community, emphasising the environment in which Holden Lane functions.

“Throughout each year group, the same psychological contract has remained, identifying the values that resonate amongst every single employee at the school. The teachers have created an environment in which the children have so many opportunities inside and out of school time, such as dance competitions, choir services to care homes and all other sporting opportunities, which are supported by more staff than required as their remarkable dedication and selflessness to the children radiates through.

“These children will not only be prepared to move onto the next stages in life, but the trusted, respected environment allows them to be happy and enjoy the journey. The staff at this school are not ‘just doing their job’ as one described, they are going above and beyond nurturing the ‘invisible measure’ of emotions, providing valuable lifelong memories that these children will look back on tenderly.

“I am inspired by their dedication and commitment to the children, which is clearly making a huge difference to their lives, giving them not just an education, but vibrant prospects.”

Headteacher Clare Thomas said: “We are absolutely delighted to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award. At our school, we believe that every child is equally special and we strive to encourage every single member of our school community to be the best they can be!

“Our children make us smile every single day and as one pupil recently informed Ofsted, ‘we are a happy school that feels like family.’ We are all incredibly proud to belong to our special school and to be nominated by one of our parents means the absolute world to us.”