Latest News Inspiration in Education nominee – Sam Goodin

Inspiration in Education nominee – Sam Goodin

10 July 2024

Inspiration in Education nominee – Sam Goodin

Headteacher Sam Goodin was inspired to set up a school back home after a trip to Africa.

The 39-year-old head of Kaleidoscope, a special school in Porthill, said: “It was clear when I visited Africa that resources for children were minimal. Kids came from very poor backgrounds with limited opportunities and yet what struck me most was their happiness.

“It was then I realised that this could easily be achieved in this country with the right support in place.”

In 2022 Kaleidoscope was set up as an alternative provision and formally established as an independent school in the September of the same year.

Sam said: “The school gives a voice to those who wouldn’t otherwise have them and allows children from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn and to be educated. Education matters but happy children matter more.”

She currently has a team of 25 staff who care for 30 pupils. A new building has recently been acquired which means an additional 30 pupils can enrol.

Sam’s support for children with additional needs extends beyond her own school. She still supports a former pupil outside of work to give respite to the parents and she offers advice wherever needed regardless of whether the child is registered with the school.

“If someone needs support, we’ll find a way. We will help as many families as we can,” she said.

Sam Goodin has been nominated as an Inspiration in Education in the Your Heroes Awards by Alicia Keenan, the mum of one of her pupils.

Alicia said: “Sam is an amazing headteacher. She always goes above and beyond for the school and the pupils. Sam is patient, kind and believes in her pupils’ abilities.

“She strives to ensure that all pupils reach their goals in a way that is effective and achievable for their needs.

“Without Sam and Kaleidoscope as a school we as parents would be lost without their support.”

Sam added: “It feels great to be nominated. I like what we do as a school and it’s a very positive environment. It’s great to put a spotlight on the school, to showcase what we do and all the wonderful things our staff and students achieve.”