Latest News NHS Hero nominee – Sarah Franks

NHS Hero nominee – Sarah Franks

17 May 2024

NHS Hero nominee – Sarah Franks

As a hospital receptionist Sarah Franks works with life savers every day– but a chance encounter on a car park turned her into a life saver herself.

Sarah, from Cheslyn Hay, was leaving work at County Hospital in Stafford when she was told a man had collapsed on the hospital car park.

She notified security staff then rushed to the man who she found to be unresponsive, had a head injury and appeared to be having a cardiac arrest.

Sarah immediately started to perform CPR and with help from a passer-by was able to alert the hospital’s A&E department so that they could take over his treatment.

She said: “My first thought was helping the gentleman and already knowing CPR I was able to perform it. Without this I feel the outcome would have been different.

“I am first aid trained from a previous role but this incident has meant that the hospital is looking to train all its receptionist staff in first aid to make sure we can respond promptly in future situations like this.

“After receiving care at UHNM I’m delighted that he is now doing well and I look forward to meeting with him soon to check on his progress.”

Sarah was nominated for a UHNM Chief Executive Award by Sophie Reid, Complaints, PALS and Volunteers Services Manager, and Becky Ferneyhough, Head of Nursing at County Hospital.

Sophie said: “I genuinely believe the actions that Sarah took helped to save this patient’s life. Sarah has never been faced by a situation such as this previously and acted extremely courageously.

“As her line manager, I am extremely proud of her and she should be proud of herself too as the actions that she took ultimately helped to save this gentleman’s life.”

Sarah was presented with her award by Tracy Bullock, UHNM Chief Executive.

She said: “I felt shocked but also privileged to have received the award.”

Sarah Franks has now been nominated as an NHS Hero in the Your Heroes Awards.