Latest News Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Adele Thompson and PC Hollie Morris

Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Adele Thompson and PC Hollie Morris

18 September 2023

Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Adele Thompson and PC Hollie Morris

PCs Adele Thompson and Hollie Morris put their own lives at risk to protect a woman and her children at the centre of a domestic incident.

Both Staffordshire Police officers were attacked, thrown down a flight of stairs and one was assaulted while she lay unconscious.

PC Adele Thompson and PC Hollie Morris went to a first-floor flat in the Staffordshire Moorlands following an emergency call in April 2023. The male occupant became aggressive, shouting and swearing at the officers. With a woman and two small children at risk in the property, the officers tried to free the victims while de-escalating the situation and negotiating with the man.

Placing themselves between the man, the woman and the children in the small flat, PC Thompson attempted to arrest the man. He immediately attacked the officers, punching and using his size advantage to overpower them. Despite being injured the officers continued to try to handcuff the man to protect the children still trapped in the property.

During the struggle the man threw both officers down the stairs and continued to assault PC Morris while she lay unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Despite her own injuries PC Thompson attempted to pull her colleague out of the property, all the time attempting to pacify the perpetrator. Calling for an ambulance, PC Thompson administered first aid to PC Morris.

Both officers suffered injuries, some of which still require treatment. The man involved was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment, with the officers giving evidence at the trial.

Now PC Adele Thompson and PC Hollie Morris have been nominated as Uniformed Heroes in the Your Heroes Awards by senior officers at Staffordshire Police.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said: “In attempting to protect the victim and her children, and prevent the perpetrator from wreaking more harm, the officers showed tremendous bravery in the face of a highly dangerous situation and are a credit to the force.”