Latest News Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Venus Wakley

Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Venus Wakley

25 June 2024

Uniformed Hero nominee – PC Venus Wakley

As the public face of Tamworth Police, PC Venus Wakley has adults thanking her for how she dealt with them in their teens and saying they’re on the straight and narrow because of her.

Venus has been the town centre officer for Tamworth for nearly 20 years and spends much of her time out in the community, liaising with various groups and being a visible police presence in the town.

She’s been praised for her commitment to Tamworth including her work to help Syrian refugees to settle into the town.

Councillor Tina Clements of Tamworth Borough Council has nominated Venus as a Uniformed Hero in the Your Heroes Awards.

She said: “Venus is the face of Tamworth Police that everyone recognises. She is so passionate about her job and always gives so much to the people of Tamworth.

“She is selfless in her role as a police officer and has a smile that makes you like her instantly. She inspires people to do more, always encouraging those less fortunate or down on their luck that there’s always tomorrow.

“She is hugely popular when on the beat and has respect from everyone, even when she’s telling them off.

“She is fanatical about change, especially with the youngsters and gives them the strength to be who they want to be.

“Venus always leads by example, championing the needs of others. She helped with Syrian refugees whilst they settled into Tamworth and made sure they were welcomed and felt at ease in our great country and the town of Tamworth.”

Venus said: “I’m shocked to be nominated for a Your Heroes Award and also honoured. I think it’s lovely that someone would take time out of their busy schedule to nominate me.”

She added: “I’ve had grown-ups come up to me and tell me they’re on the straight and narrow now, thanking me for how I dealt with them and apologising.

“I’m very passionate about Tamworth and the people that live here. We have people running the town down and I always say there are a lot of worse places.

“I just love my job and get a buzz from it, especially when I’m helping people. I deal with people from all walks of life and if I can help somebody then it’s a good outcome.”